Our Story

Celebrating 40 Years

McNaughton Real Estate is a family-focused and faith-driven real estate company that defies the odds. We pride ourselves on quality service and superior communication throughout the real estate process and we know what it takes to buy, sell and manage property. Our 40 years of business have been full of ups and downs, but through hard work and determination, we have persevered.

It Started with a Dream

In 1975, Terri Lynne McNaughton was 20 years old and 6 months pregnant. Though not many woman were realtors at this time, she and her husband decided to build and open their own real estate office in West Fork, Arkansas. Terri started out doing mostly administrative work but quickly learned that she had a passion, and a gift, for working with clients. Over the next decade, Terri and her husband expanded their business to multiple offices until eventually consolidating into one office at the Northwest Arkansas Mall. This location allowed mall patrons to browse multiple photos of properties; a task that was impossible before the Internet.

Going Through Hardships

In 1997, challenges occurred. A large financial debt and a failing marriage led Terri to reevaluate her chosen career. Now a single mother $250,000 in debt, Terri was advised by everyone she asked to file for bankruptcy. Terri knew her situation was less than ideal, but vowed to herself and the people she owed that she would pay back every penny. With a lot of praying and hours of hard work, Terri Lynne McNaughton Realtors was founded. Terri developed an outstanding team and paid back everything she owed; proving that everything can be overcome if you work hard enough. Working with her son and the team she brought together, Terri continued to succeed. This success gained them the recognition as a Howard Brinton Star Power Star in February of 2005. This accomplishment was only awarded to 250 realtors nationwide and seemed to signify that things were on their way up for the business. Five months later, tragedy struck again. A fire consumed the Terri Lynne McNaughton Real Estate Office and team was faced with rebuilding the business one more time.

Out of the Ashes

Twenty-four hours after the fire, the team was back to work. The fire had destroyed their building, but not their spirits. During the year it took to rebuild the office, Terri and her team worked out of their vehicles and over the phone to ensure that the business would continue to prosper. This never-give-up attitude carried them through the real estate market crash of 2007 and inspired the team to work harder and learn more about their business.

Today, McNaughton Real Estate continues to believe in the power of hard work and determination. They know the hard times don’t last forever and they know they have what it takes to succeed when everything seems hopeless. With their core values of family, stability and integrity in place at all times, the McNaughton team knows they can make it through whatever life throws at them.